Hey Dude Marine

Our Exclusive Process

Hey Dude Marine’s exclusive 5 Step Selling process was crafted from our over 40 years experience in the boating industry! We designed it to be the best process in the US! It takes ALL of the hassle out of selling your boat, and it puts more money in your pocket.


Hey Dude Marine Sells Boats Like No One Else

Step 1

We research other current listings to help determine what you can expect to net from the sale.*

Step 2

Once we have your projected net in mind, we add the cost of our commission to determine our suggested listing price.

Step 3

If your boat and/or motors are less than 13 years old, we’ll also add the cost of a nationwide warranty transforming your boat into the best possible value!

Step 4

Our worldwide promotion and marketing team then utilizes the most popular internet search engines and platforms like Google, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others to optimize the impact of your boat’s listing.

Step 5

We field all inquiries and arrange and conduct all showings. Keep in mind, we never conduct a sea trial with a potential buyer until a boat is under contract and escrow money has been received! This shields the seller from any contact with potential buyers during the entire process.

*Interested in raising the value of your boat? Our professional restoration services department can recondition your boat to outstanding condition before the listing, maximizing your ability to sell it at the top market price!

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